Facts About DestroyIt® Shredder Oil

Paper shredder oil substitutes can attract unwanted papers, inks, and stains.  These particles then stick to the documents and can eventually clog the machine’s cutting head.  It is highly recommended to use original DestroyIt ® Shredder Oil and NOT a paper shredder oil alternative.  Using an alternative could also void your warranty.  Every paper shredder needs thorough maintenance to ensure superior performance year over year.  Paper shredders undergoing heavy usage are naturally going to need additional lubrication.  We recommend oiling the cutting heads each time the bag is changed, unless your unit is equipped with an auto oiler.

How to Oil a DestroyIt® Shredder

When applying original DestroyIt® oil, shake the bottle gently and apply it finely and directly onto the cutting heads.  This action is done through the paper entry throat.  Now, turn the shredder in the reverse direction and run the gears for some time.  This action will permit the oil to seep in to all the reachable parts of the cutting head.  There may be excessive oil in the machine, so feed a few sheets of rough paper through to remove excess oil.