Wide Format Printers

5 Colour Technical Document Wide Format Printers and Plotters

5 Colour Wide Format Printers

Designed for both technical document printing as well as general purpose output applications, these highly versatile systems go from printing over-sized office documents to intricate technical drawings to posters and back … effortlessly.

Canon’s 5-colour Reactive Ink printing systems are ideal for businesses, schools, architects, engineers, or anyone who wants to print spectacular, full-colour presentations, signs, posters, CAD drawings, GIS Maps, and other types of large-format output.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Produce intricate drawings with accurate lines as thin as just 0.02mm thick*

Two Matte Black ink channels maximize output speed for text and line drawings

Printing support for AutoCAD , HP-GL/2, and HP RTL Files

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Print detailed maps and graphs with small font that are easy to read on coloured backgrounds

High Resolution 2400 x 1200 dpi output means solid fills, smooth curves, and intricate details


Assemble spreadsheets, pictures, and graphics onto one page and print them together

Make your own enlargements


Create classroom materials and learning aids

Produce posters for special events, banners for pep rallies, and signs for fund raisers

Five Colour Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink Technology

Canon’s Reactive Ink technology utilizes four highly colourfast dye inks – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, plus two channels of pigment-based Matte Black. The inks are specially formulated to improve both durability and clarity of the image. The Matte Black ink is chemically engineered to react with the Cyan ink to prevent “bleeding” at the border between colour and and black output. This produces clearer text and sharper lines – especially when printing fine lines and small text fonts on colour backgrounds. The ink’s chemistry also improves adhesion to the media so images are more durable than when printed with conventional inks.

Low Total Cost of Operation

Canon’s imagePROGRAF printers are built for low-cost operation. The Economy Print Mode significantly reduces ink consumption while the long-life print-heads deliver maximum reliability to help keep maintenance costs down.

6 Colour Infographic & Poster Wide Format Printers & Plotters

6-Colour:  Infographics and Poster Printers

These 6-colour printers are specifically configured for customers who want simple, affordable printing of posters with vivid, eye-catching colours in the red, orange, and yellow spectrum. Because these customers value low cost, simplicity, and durability over sophistication and colour fidelity, Canon focused its development of the iPF SE models on the essentials and optimized the systems for poster printing while keeping costs low. Easy, affordable printing of posters, signs, infographics, presentations, and more.

Small To Medium Retail Stores

Retailers of all kinds need to promote their business and attract customers. Window signs and in-store displays are an effective means of advertising merchandise and special offers.

Local Restaurants

Menu boards and signs are used by restaurants to promote sales and inform customers of the available choices. To help keep customers coming back, many restaurants offer specials that change daily.

Business Services

Businesses that offer professional services and/or trade services also need to promote themselves and attract customers. The compact footprint and user-friendly operation of Canon’s iPF8400SE and iPF6400SE printers mean that these businesses will find it easier to install and use.


Many schools use posters as a fun and friendly way of keeping students and parents informed. Whether to commemorate a holiday, recognize accomplishments, promote events, enhance a lesson, or sell tickets to a fundraiser, schools need and want an easy, low-cost solution for poster printing.

Six (6) LUCIA EX Inks

The newly developed LUCIA EX 6-colour pigment ink system – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Matte Black and Red – achieves the vibrant colour reproduction required for output of point-of-purchase materials and posters while ensuring high-quality colour printing. This advanced ink formulation delivers vivid, eye-catching colours with superior stability and scratch-resistance. The included Red ink assists in the vibrant printing of red and orange hues, a common occurrence in many point-of-purchase displays and retail posters. This helps provide a huge advantage for creating persuasive, eyecatching posters and displays.

Optimized for Producing Posters

The iPF8400SE and iPF6400SE printers come bundled with a variety of poster-making solutions that allow users to quickly and easily produce a wide range of posters for various applications.

PosterArtist Lite: Included!

This easy-to-use, template-based software* for creating posters is included. For users with more advanced poster-making requirements, the full PosterArtist software package is also available. For more information, please visit www.usa.canon.com/posterartist

8 Colour Graphic Arts Wide Format Printers & Plotters

8 Colour Graphic Arts Production Printers

The imagePROGRAF S-Series production printing systems are Canon’s Fastest Graphic Arts large-format printers & plotters. Available in three sizes – the 24″ iPF6400S, 44″ 4000S and the 60″ 6000S. These production grade print engines are up to 40% faster than any other imagePROGRAF Graphic Arts printer. These units are ideal for professionals who need to increase capacity, productivity and versatility of their large-format printing services.

Commercial Print Service Providers

These machines allow you to produce point of sale displays, GIS maps, backlit displays, and special events graphics. You can take on bigger jobs. The high-speed output up to 705 sq. ft./hr.* means that you can produce more during your day. Canon’s Economy Colour Mode reduces your ink costs giving you a competitive advantage. The units are ideal for imposition proofing.

Retail Quick Print Centres

These machines are fast. Don’t make your customers wait: you can print a 33″ x 46″ poster-quality image in under 3 mintues.* Borderless printing on these devices allows you to minimize trimming requirements. You can expand your service options with this versatile system that prints on a wide variety of media.

In-Plant Production Centres

Fast throughput from click to print means you can meet tight deadlines. Network Ready, a spacious hard drive, and a Remote User Interface (RUI) with password protected mail boxes mean your internal customers can submit jobs more easily.

*PRO-4000S, HW Coated Paper, Standard Mode.

Maximum Productivity

With high-speed throughput up to 705 sq. ft./hr* and a 250GB hard drive, borderless printing and other features that maximize productivity, these printers increase overall production capacity and reduce job turnaround time.

Quality and Control

With a built-in calibration function and other advanced quality control features, IPF PRO S-Series printers are designed to deliver consistently superior results, without sacrificing quality.

Low Cost Operation

The Economy Colour Mode, low maintenance costs, and reduced power consumption requirements together help reduce the total cost of operation so print professionals can be more competitive in the marketplace.

Reliable, Worry Free Ink Systems

The large 330 ml and 700ml ink tanks available for the iPF4000S and iPF6000S  printers supply a sub-tank system so inks can be replenished on-the-fly without stopping the printer for longer uninterrupted print runs. All models include an in-level detection system that helps ensure that ink is always available.

12 Colour Graphic Arts Wide Format Printers & Plotters

12 Colour Wide Format Printers / Plotters

Built for professionals who appreciate the difference between ordinary and extraordinary print quality. These imagePROGRAF large format printers/plotters deliver a unique combination of ultra-high-quality imaging, maximum productivity, and a 12-colour LUCIA EX ink set. These machines are capable of producing an extraordinary range of vibrant colours, subtle hues, and deep shadows.

Photographers and Studios

These printers/plotters create portrait-quality prints, especially for multi-copy projects where consistency is essential. With the capability of creating photo enlargements that retain image sharpness, colour and clarity. These robust machines are the ideal solution for commercial or corporate photography for display.

Giclee and Fine Art Reproduction

You can use these plotters to create precise replication of paintings and other fine art originals. They are also great for reproductions that require exceptional colour accuracy and image resolution.

Museum Quality Displays

The Ultra-High-Quality output with durable pigment inks means prints will look great for a long time. You can easily produce lobby art, atrium banners, exhibit graphics, indoor murals and more.

Professional Print Makers

Give your marketing department the tool it needs; proofing, including layout proofs, imposition press proofs and contract proofs. High-end colour prints for presentation comps of packaging and collateral materials. Use these machines for specialty applications requiring high-quality image reproduction.


The new LUCIA PRO ink set adopts newly formulated 11-colour pigment inks and a Chroma Optimizer. Designed specifically to meet the demands of even the most critical photographer, the LUCIA PRO ink formulation includes microencapsulated colourants that enable smooth gradients, an expanded colour gamut, and deeper colour expression.

Engineered for Excellence

The imagePROGRAF printers are powered by the L-COA PRO high-speed image processing engine. With three new processing chips, this high-precision control engine performs the processing of massive image data and controls the optimal ink layout that produces high resolution prints.

System Calibration – Simplified

Unlike the complex and time-consuming calibration normally required in professional settings, Canon offers a simplified process that enables easy recalibration back to the original, optimal factory settings across all the printers’ media types.