Guelph Business Machines LTD. has proudly partnered with TEO Technologies to provide our customers with a unified communications platform for their business (phone, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more). Continue reading to learn about the TEO product or browse to one of the other telephony pages to learn more about phones and PBXs we offer as part of our telecommunications solutions.

Design Philosophy

Teo solutions are designed to be extremely powerful yet highly intuitive. We invite you to view a demo so we can show you just how far ahead of the competition we are. In fact, we may not only be the best user experience (UX) in Unified Communications, we are most likely the best UX in enterprise software, period. It is a bold claim to be sure, but delivering on bold claims is what we do.

Revolutionary Architecture

Teo System Architecture is the most resilient ever created. Each Teo UC node provides the full UC suite of capabilities. There is no need for external interfaces or gateways, mobility servers, voicemail servers, etc. Each Teo UC node can support 1–2,500 users. Multiple nodes can be clustered to create larger, more resilient systems allowing for rapid scaling while also adding multiple layers of redundancy. Each node in the cluster is in constant sync with all other nodes and devices so they can immediately handle system activity in case any other node suffers a network or power interruption.

Comprehensive Solutions

Teo designs, builds, and supports all of the components of our solution so you can have total peace of mind. This enables us to deliver the finest technology ownership experience in the industry. Systems can be configured in minutes, and changes across an enterprise can be handled in seconds.

Peace of Mind Ownership

All system software and hardware is covered by Teo comprehensive support, software assurance, and hardware warranty. If something goes wrong, we will take care of it. We have U.S. based support resources at the ready to give you a hand.

Integration Ready

Teo solutions offer tailor made integrations for web browsers, email clients, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM, Lync, Skype for Business, and we have an API to integrate with any custom infrastructure you want to integrate with.