Guelph Business Machines offers a complete range of Office Furniture.

Allow us to custom fit your space with the organizational and planning capabilities of an office system. Offering 1-inch and 1 1/2 –inch work surfaces in an array of laminate colors, it’s easy to complement the aesthetics of any interior.​

Sophistication personified. We can build you an executive solution that is a blend of classic style and modern functionality. Offering sophisticated storage solutions, extra-thick work surfaces and design innovations that anticipate the needs of a company’s management as well as the rest of the office staff. Guelph Business Machines offers a complete line of conference rooms, executive suites, professional work spaces and team stations that package luxury, style and approach-ability in one.

High quality, 1.5 inch thick boardroom table tops paired with your choice of shapes and sizes, from  compact to 24 foot length, with any custom size in between.  Power and technology options may be added into table tops for further versatility.

Coordinating components can also be added to complete the look: Multimedia cart, Lectern, Visual Boards, Buffet components: Serving carts and Buffets.

Bases with doors are fully accessible from either side.

The office space with the added touch. Creating productivity by ensuring comfort is just part of what it means to work well. Office furniture that anticipate the needs of the job and the worker should always be within reach. 

Height adjustable tables/desks allow users to sit or stand throughout the day which promotes a healthy and productive work environment.

Motor safety mechanism will bounce back if it detects an obstruction. Work surface available in a large variety of laminates to coordinate with any office decor.

The reception area is the first interaction that your clients experience when they walk through your doors. Make sure their first impression of you is the best. This style or countless other combinations will definitely help.

Since happy,  rested employees work better; make the break room a comfortable relaxing place to unwind and enjoy a coffee or lunch.